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Chopping / Charcuterie Board 

Have an event you’re going to and need a gift?  Have a charcuterie board custom engraved for that wedding, birthday, business grand opening or what have you.

We can help get it done.  We can also provide the state-of-art colour filling.  Make it pop and look like a rock star when people ask where did you get that.

Charcuterie Board - Artful Laser

Asked Questions

How big can you do it?

We can fit boards uo to 32X20″ in the laser.  Can also accommodate longer boards as long as no wider than 20″.

How much does it cost?

The cost varies on the size of the engraving.  For smaller engraving about 2L X 0.5W” is about $15.00.  Larges engravings are priced by time.  Contact for pricing.

How do you colour file?

We have two option for colour filling.  The first option is epoxy resin.  This will hallway the board to be used with no wories of food contamination.  the second option is colour fill.  This option is good for display pieces or everyday use just will need to use the opposite side then the engraved side.  

What do I need to get it done?

You can supply your own board and we will do the rest or we can provide a board.

What you will need for the engraving is what you want on it, like the name & date or company logo.  If just writing then the font you want in and the size you want it engraved.

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