tumber engraving

Promotional Items, Gifts, Favors, Event, Employee


Perfect for a wedding gift, kitchen decor, company logo or a gift for a loved one

glass engraving

Custom engraved glasses for all occasions from weddings, gifts, business logos, parties, events & festivals

Custom Signs

Custom signs for your business, logo,  baby’s room, man cave, she shed or gift.

Rubber Stamps

Custom-made rubber stamps for your logo, address, business forms or marketing.

Fibre Laser Engraving

Need metal engraved , we can engrave directly into the metal.

Custom laser Projects

Have project big or small we can help.

Custom Stencils

Custom cut stencils from your design.

Industrial Projects

When working with Artful Laser we work with you step by step throughout the process.  Working directly with you on the design, material & overall concept we strive to provide straightforward advice so your project meets or exceeds your expectations.

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Commercial Projects

Looking for branding your company’s logo on tumblers to corporate event ID tags we can provide detail and reliability to your projects.

If you have a design ready to go or need help with a concept we can provide the helping hand to make it become reality.

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Personal Projects

Need that small project completed?

We have no limit size of a run, if just a small piece to be cut or engraved that’s not an issue for us.  We take as much pride in your project as we do in large projects.

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Our Equipment

Types of Cutting & Engraving

Fibre Laser

Our fibre laser can engrave on many different metals including stainless steel, aluminum, brass, titanium & plated metals.  With the fibre laser, it permanently engraves into the metal.  This works great for stainless steel cable tags in the construction industry.

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CO2 Laser

Our CO2 lasers can engrave and cut most things.  When cutting the laser is within a thousand of an inch to the design.  Some of the common materials the laser can cut & engrave on are wood, acrylic, foam, leather & etc.  We can accommodate items up 32″X20″ on the laser bed, can also accommodate longer items with a maximum width of 20″.

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CNC Machine

As an added bonus we can provide CNC cutting if the project requires thicker cutting than the laser can handle.  The CNC can handle items up to 30″X16″X4″.

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Call Us: 780-782-9044 OR info@artfullaserco.ca


We Listen And Work Together To Create A Truly Awesome Project.

No matter the size of your project from a small one-of-a-kind piece to a large ongoing project we provide leading-edge laser cutting & engraving services.


We Bring Quality

We pride ourselves on providing top-quality laser engraving & cutting to every project.

Experienced & Talented

All of our employees are highly trained & experienced laser techs.  We keep on top of the latest methods & technics for all materials & looks.

Quick Service

Our goal is to provide a fast turnaround time to provide you with your item/s on or before the requested date.


  1. Promotional items
  2. Commercial Signs
  3. Lamicoids/tags for electrical & mechanical projects
  4. Custom Projects
  5. Stencils – Large & Small
  6. Name tags
  7. Leather cutting & engraving
  8. Wood cutting & engraving
  9. Metal engraving
  10. Design work – Image to Vector conversion
  11. Rubber Stamps

Did up a very fast proof of a custom stencil for me, and the time it took from first contact to shipping was less than 24 hrs! Can’t recommend their service highly enough, and will definitely use them again.

K. Onsorge

So wonderful to work with. She gave me different size options to ensure they worked for me and I had my new tags in my hands ASAP! Absolutely in love with her work, her communication and speedy service. Highly recommend and will be ordering again.


A real class act this business is! Thank you very much for the sweet stamp. It was a pleasure ordering. The item came very fast with updates in regards to it’s status. Packaging was bang on, and totally protected the item. Thanks again!

C. Anders

Loves my sign! They were easy to work with, and did everything I asked! Beautiful unique high quality sign!

K. Nelson