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Custom Rubber Stamps

We specialize in making custom rubber stamps of all shapes & sizes.

If you need a logo, wedding, address or custom text stamp we can help.  We make all sizes from 1/8″ to 5″.  Custom shapes are not an issue as we can make the body of the stamp fit any shape. 

If you’re after a self-inking stamp we can also provide that service.  Give us the size & text and we will do the rest.  

Logo Stamp - Artful Laser

Asked Questions

How BIG can you do?

We can make all sizes & shapes.  If you’re after a tiny or large stamp we can do it, we have done as small as 1/4″X 1″ and as large as 5″ diameter.

What do I need to have a stamp made?

All you need to have a stamp made is an image.  You will get the best results from a PDF or SVG file.  If you only have a picture that will work, the quality will be lower but we will do our best to make it look great.

How Long does it take?

The average time to make a stamp is about 3-5 days.  Once we received the file or image we get right on it, once ready we send you a draft to approve then once approved we start putting it into production.

Does the ink pad I use make a difference?

The ink pad makes a huge difference in the end result.  The better the pad the nicer the image is.

Always use the proper pad to what your material is.  If fabric then gets a fabric pad & if a paper product use a paper pad.  You get what you pay for, cheap ink pad poor quality image.

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